Braids and Weave by Luopou

Mrs Luopou Damey owner of Braids and Weave by LuopouBraids and Weave by Luopou is located in Stone Mountain, Atlanta, Georgia.

Our salon specializes in all kinds of braid styles. From cornrows to twist to afros, we do it all; and our weaving techniques are top in Altanta, Our hair stylists have the experience and expertise in all these areas of hair techniques.

With a 14 years experience in African Hair Braiding and Weaving, The owner Mrs. Luopou Damey, has the true knowledge all the styles you need and a great customer service.

At Luopou’s we are always researching on the latest and greatest styles to make you look your best and satisfied with your look, so don’t hesitate to call and ask us about the styles we carry, better yet come by and you will leave happy.